Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick Note - Cape May Christmas Bird Count

[One of the highlights of Sunday's Cape May, NJ Christmas Bird Count for me came in the form of 14 Northern Cardinals, which responded all together to pishing by popping up and decorating a small tree as if it were, well, Christmas. . .]

Tom Reed ably summarized the Cape May Christmas Bird Count results in a post to jerseybirds, and I have little to add except to say that I was one of the guys with a Nashville Warbler, and I almost missed Carolina Chickadee in my sector, which includes a lot of chickadee habitat on Cape May NWR.  The chickadee near-miss was mainly a habitat selection thing - mine, that is, since I selectively led my party through fields and out to the bay at Norbury's Landing, and not so much in chickadee-laden woods or neighborhoods. The fields-focus netted us the only White-crowned Sparrows found on the count, while the bay yielded 4 lingering Forster's Terns and a nice mix of shorebirds and gulls.

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