Monday, May 18, 2020

"Peregrine:" Actionable Birding Information for NJ Statewide

[Peregrine is a new NJ statewide actionable birding intelligence network on GroupMe, see below for details.]

Hi Birder Friends, 

I created a birding information group using GroupMe.  It's called "Peregrine", and it's for sharing  actionable NJ statewide bird information.

If interested, you will need the GroupMe app and to get me your phone number. Email me your phone number at

There are at least two Cape May bird groups, one using WhatsApp and one using GroupMe, contact CMBO for details. Groups for northern NJ, Somerset/Morris, South Jersey birders, and SW Jersey birders also exist. As far as I know, Peregrine is the only one for NJ statewide, and I ask that other list owners and participants cross post rarities of statewide interest to Peregrine.

Basic rules for the statewide Peregrine GroupMe are :

1a) Only “actionable” birding intelligence for all of NJ (for Peregrine GroupMe) is posted. “Actionable” means a field birder in or near NJ, or planning to be, would find the information useful in planning their movements.

1b) Birds on the NJBRC rarity list and/or are flagged on eBird and/or are the equivalent of the old ABA Birdfinding Guide rating system of “May see” (<25% of time for location and season) or rarer are posted; err on the rare side.

1c) Feel free to report intelligence relating to weather patterns or bird sightings outside NJ if the observer has the knowledge (many do) to think it will be NJ - helpful.

1d) Species name written out or four letter banding codes are acceptable, but best to spell out species with confusing codes, e.g Gray Kingbird and Great Kiskadee.

1e) Be as specific as reasonably possible on locations. Don’t assume people on the list are “from around here.” Dropping a pin is great. Street address, City/county/known location important as well (e.g., "Beanery" or "Forsythe Wildlife Drive"). Walking directions from the access point to the bird are great.

1f) Please consider stating how long you will remain at the location if it makes sense to, no one is obligated to remain but it always helps to hand off birds.

2a) The bird must have a reasonable chance of being re-found.

2b) Reports of re-sightings are OK within reason, especially if the bird disappears for a while and then is refound.

3)No owls, no raptor nests, and be generally thoughtful about a bird’s vulnerability to being trampled or taped. NO private property or closed area birds unless there is specific access permission; if so give details.

4)This is not a clique, anybody can join. With GroupMe there is apparently no limit to # of people, unlike WhatsApp, which has a ceiling.

5)Publicly disrespecting anyone either directly or by allusion will result in immediate and permanent removal from the group (s). Be adults, contact people privately.

6)These are closed groups, meaning only the list owner (s) can add members. Owner (s) will need your full phone number for Peregrine to add you. email

7)Remember, no one is being forced to join, to stay joined, to keep alerts on, or to read anything they’re not interested in.

8)Contact list creator/owner Donald Peter Freiday with questions or to join at . Eventually this info will be parked permanently  at .

Here are two YouTube reviews / how-tos about GroupMe (there are many others):

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday on Sunday: Of Adversity and Footprints

 [Crazy Horse Memorial, Black Hills, SD. The Black Hills are my spirit helper place, too.]

 "I think I just figured it out. Life, I mean. It’s about 2 things: overcoming adversity and leaving a footprint. We must pity those who never had to overcome adversity, because they will never leave a footprint. It took me 55 yrs to figure this out. Guess I’m slow."