Sunday, December 8, 2013

Delaware Bay: Three Shorebirds and a Big White Owl

 [Dunlin is the "mudpiper" of winter, but they're also found on sandy beaches, like these at Cook's Beach, NJ yesterday.  Click to enlarge photos.]

I spent some delightful time tooling around the Delaware Bay shore, mainly in Cumberland County, NJ, over the weekend, sharing sightings with a close friend. Nothing unexpected was found, nothing unexpected including two Snowy Owls, which at this point you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realize are expected anywhere there's open country this winter. 

 [A white lump that's not a lump: another Snowy Owl, Cumberland County, NJ on Saturday. Thanks Janet!!]

 [Sanderling probes at Cook's Beach on Saturday.]

[The third most-expected shorebird of winter (though Black-bellied Plover would vie for the title): Ruddy Turnstone, also at Cook's Beach on Saturday.]


  1. Beautiful shorebird photos. I got to see a snowy too in Connecticut but was much further away!

    1. Thanks, Larry! Hope you see more Snowies this winter, Don