Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Birds of the Open

[Horned Lark, a nice adult male, at Oberly Road, Alpha, Warren County, NJ yesterday. Click to enlarge photos - and note the tiny namesake horns.]
We didn't get much snow in Cape May, but the storm yesterday dropped a few inches farther north in the state, where I happened to be. One of the best ways to find open-country birds like larks or pipits is to work farm country roads after a snowstorm, since the birds concentrate on the plowed roads, often foraging where the plow turns up bits of roadside earth and presumably seeds and insects. That was the case at one of the state's best, and best known, farm roads: Oberly Road, in Alpha, Warren County. The land along the road is private, but the road itself is not.
I was a bit disappointed that I couldn't turn up a Lapland Longspur, but the Horned Larks were very cooperative, and a single American Pipit and a few Snow Buntings were mixed in with the flock.

[American Pipit, Alpha yesterday.]

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