Friday, March 8, 2013

Trinidad: the Northern Range

 [Streaked Xenops along the Blanchiseusse Road in Trinidad's Northern Range.]

Among the field trips you can choose from Asa Wright Nature Centre in Trinidad is an excursion through the Northern Range's montane rainforest along the Blanchiseusse Road, the only road to bisect this range. It can be done as a half day, but a full day allows more time to work birds, so that's what we did. We found the especially interesting Black-faced Antthrush, a forest-walking species very difficult to see well or photograph, among 60 or so species.

 [Montane Rainforest along the Blanchiseusse Road.]

 [Common Black Hawk soars at eye level in the mountains along Blanchiseusse Road.]

 [This Blue-chinned Sapphire chose a home with a roof.]

[Smooth-billed Anis are common on Trinidad.]

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