Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Trinidad: Aripo Agricultural Field Station by Day and Night

 [Southern Lapwing at the Aripo Agricultural Field Station on Trinidad.]

Birders learn this early and learn it well: different birds like different habitats, so by extension, to see different birds you go to different habitats. When on Trinidad, of course we're interested in the rainforest, but the lowland savanna habitat provided by the Aripo Agricultural Field Station (no, Mr Customs Official, we were not at any ranches or farms. . . ;>) ) has different species, like the meadowlark-like Red-breasted Blackbirds, or the Southern Lapwings, Savannah Hawks, White-headed Marsh-tyrants, Pearl Kite, and many others. If you go, go here.

 [Savannah habitat on Trinidad.]

 [Night-birding yielded White-tailed Nightjar, Common Potoo, and this Pauraque on the Aripo Savanna.]

[Tropical Screech-owl cooperates during our night-birding expedition.]

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