Tuesday, March 5, 2013

More from the Asa Wright Veranda

 [Violaceous Euphonia, Asa Wright Nature Center, Trinidad, last week. Click to enlarge all photos.]

I'm back in the states, albeit in the Miami airport, and sorting through a week's worth of Trinidad photos (see post below, too).  All these were taken from the veranda at Asa wright Nature Center.

Somebody, a British birder, remarked to me there something to the effect of, "you're done with all these now, eh?" Meaning, I've seen all of them, and maybe am ready to move off. No WAY! The longer I watched the tropical bird show at Asa Wright, the more I wanted to stay and watch, and learn more than the bird names, and for that matter, even if someone didn't know a single bird name, they would, or ought to, thrill to the sights of. . .

 [Barred Antshrike male.]

[Crested Oropendola.]

 [Blue-gray Tanager.]

[White-necked Jacobin.]

Still more to come, with perhaps a bit of trip narrative as well as photos.

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