Thursday, March 3, 2011

Common Redpolls!

[American Goldfinches repel a Common Redpoll while another counts his blessings, at my feeders in Del Haven, NJ today. Click to enlarge.]

Tchip. Tchip Tchip.

I know that sound. . .running late for work, but freeze in my tracks and go back for the camera, because it's a new yard bird, Common Redpoll. More than one actually, at least three, joined the American Goldfinches at my feeders this morning. In the last month, a minor rash of CORE's (banding code for Common Redpoll) has appeared in NJ:

[Common Redpoll sightings in NJ in the last 60 days - all have been in the last month. Courtesy of eBird.]


  1. Hi. How can I pull up a similar map for southeastern PA on eBird? My son, Paul, is wondering why there are so many NJ sightings. He hasn't seen any here near Green Lane Reservoir Park. Thanks!

  2. Hi Mike and Helen, you go to Graphs and Maps on eBird, choose Common Redpoll, change location to Pennsylvania (select entire region), and when the map comes up, change the date to the period you are interested in. A link to CORE reports in PA for Feb-March 2011 is: