Thursday, March 31, 2011

Newborn Birder

Something I haven't really mentioned here is that I went on the recent Belize trip "virgin,"  that is to say, without pre-trip studying. To read about why, and what happened, check out my March 29 post on the multi-authored American Birding Association blog. The ABA blog, by the way, has some great writers and is really worth following for the latest in birding, nationwide. I keep the link to the ABA blog under My Blogs list.

And by the way, if you write a bird or nature blog and want to spread the word about it, leave a comment - there's plenty of good writing out there that needs to be shared!


  1. Hi Don,

    We love to read the Freiday Bird Blog as well a your ABA blog posts. Your pictures are always awesome and your expertice and ability to teach others about birds and the ecosystem we all share is second to none. Pas by our migration blog where we track migration over Florida with the help of Doppler radar.

    Angel & Mariel

  2. @ Angel and Mariel - thanks, and I've added Badbirdz to my blog list!

  3. sweet - sweet! Black-and-whites on their way :)
    Going birding with Tim this weekend.

  4. @ natureisawesome, yeah baby Black-and-white tomorrow, here's hoping!