Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Photos from Belize: Some ABA Area Possibilities

Continuing with Belize, still trying to make it regionally-relevant. Here's a trio of birds that have at least occurred in the ABA area, though not exactly regularly. . .

[Admittedly, I didn't know there were Cinnamon Hummingbird records for the ABA area until I got home and started reading about it.  There are apparently two, one from July 1992 in Patagonia, AZ and one from 1993 at Santa Teresa, New Mexico. Sounds like an invasion that never materialized. There might have been more since, don't have the resources here to check. This one was at Belize City, March 12, 2011. Click to enlarge photos.]

[Moving to the other extreme in size: Jabiru nest near Crooked Tree, Belize March 13 2011. Jabirus have not only straggled into Texas, they've made it all the way to Oklahoma! They soar like Wood Storks, and Wood Storks have made it to the northeast. Make sure your "stork" has black flight feathers, all I'm sayin'. . . ]

[I even know people who have seen Fork-tailed Flycatcher in Cape May. . .not me, though. Sigh. The extremely long tail and deeply notched primaries indicate an adult male, not normally the age we get when a vagrant appears. Remember, if you get a distant candidate and the tail waves in flight like this one's, it's a Fork-tailed; Scissor-tailed Flycatcher tails are stiff. Somewhere along a Belizean road, March 16, 2011.]

Up next, since I'm still couch-bound and going through photos - the prettiest birds of Belize.

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