Saturday, January 25, 2014

Word Is

[Word is. . . it's cold outside, says this puffed up Yellow-rumped Warbler at Forsythe NWR yesterday.]

Word is, there were 29 or more Fox Sparrows on the lawn at Cape May Point State Park today, refugees from snow cover.  That word being from Tom Johnson. Dunno about you, but I've never seen that many Fox Sparrows in one shot.

Word is, the Cape May canal is frozen solid at the ferry terminal, that word being from Richard Crossley, who called to chat about American Black Duck - Mallard hybrids at Forsythe NWR, my workplace.

Word is, the birdseed on the deck is much appreciated, that word being from the juncos and whitethroats devouring it now.

Word is, it's winter, that word being from the National Weather Service, which says temps will go down to 9 degrees F. this Tuesday.  Good time for heat tape and keeping the water trickling in the tap.

Imagine being a bird right now, all the choices you have to make right to survive.  Feed here, or move on to feed elsewhere.  Roost here, or seek shelter elsewhere, and risk being found by hawk or owl while you are looking for the perfect spot.

Word is, we're lucky to be human and sheltered in our homes while our beloved birds struggle out in it.

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