Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Last Bird, First Bird, Good Birds

[Unexpected: this Painted Bunting, likely an immature male since it is so bright, was discovered by Bob and Stephanie Brown in Cape May Point, NJ this morning.]

By paying just a little bit of attention, I determined that the last bird species I recorded in 2013 was the Dunlin that shot across the Nummy Island causeway in front of the truck on New Year's Eve, shortly before dark and shortly after we recorded Snowy Owl and Snow Buntings in Stone Harbor. A fine finish to a good year.  This morning it was a cardinal chipping outside the bedroom window that became bird number one, beginning a day spent with friends re-tracking-down the Ash-throated Flycatcher and White-winged Dove of yesterday, as well as the continuing Rufous Hummingbird and the pictured surprise, an immature male or female Painted Bunting.  Not even Cape May often produces so many rare birds back to back.

Now, what should the bird goal be for 2014?  A big Cape May County year, perhaps? Several friends are threatening to do just that, why not me too, I wonder.  I dunno, I'm not feeling chasing birds, even just in the county, right now. I had this idea that maybe I would photograph every bird species I see in 2014, but that got broken up right away today when I was unable to get shots of the first several species I found, mainly from lack of patience.  This bird goal thing is going to require further reflection. . .

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