Friday, April 12, 2013

"Fri-D:" Golden-plover

 Karen and Brian Johnson found this American Golden-plover, above, at Heislerville, NJ today, Friday, April 12 2013. Compared to a Black-bellied, it has a finer bill and darker cap which contrasts with the pale eyebrow. It is also slimmer and longer winged, with wings projecting slightly past the tail (on Black-bellied the wings are about even with the tail.) Compare the Black-bellied, below.

In the view below of the golden-plover, you can see the golden-plover doesn't have much of a wing stripe, while a Black-bellied would show a prominent white wing stripe.

[Karen and Brian also had this Black-necked Stilt at Heislerville - pretty good evening of birding for them!]

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