Sunday, November 4, 2012


The title is offical counter's Tom Reed's word, so I don't know if I spelled it right. But the hawkwatch in Cape May, NJ sure enough goodenified as the day unfolded. New Red-shouldered Hawk single day record, multiple Goldens and multiple Goshawks, finches flying over it all and ducks on the pond in front. All the photos below were taken from the hawkwatch platform.
 [Above and below, immature Northern Goshawk. I wouldn't want to be at the bottom of that stoop!]

 [Above and below: Golden Eagle (s).]
First thing this morning I snuck around the South Cape May Meadows, where the number of Song and Swamp Sparrows was almost funny. Among them was a Grasshopper Sparrow, which I did not text out for fear of it being trampled by searchers (you're not supposed to leave the paths at the meadows anyway, but you know how that goes). A Hooded Merganser rocketed overhead, and a Goshawk coursed down the duneline hunting.
[Adult Red-shouldered Hawk over the hawkwatch platform with vultures.]