Saturday, November 10, 2012

Creeper, Kinglet, Winter Wren, Hermit Thrush. . .or, November

 [This Winter Wren hopped its way under the boardwalk at Cape May Point State Park, NJ, and hopped up on the other side. All photos November 10, 2012 in Cape May; click to enlarge.]

Today, Saturday November 10, was a quintessential November morning with some added spice at Cape May Point State Park - the title species, which just say late fall, plus flyovers of all the finches except, funny enough, Purple, meaning both Crossbills, Siskins, and Evening Grosbeak. A singing Fox Sparrow. A single Snow Bunting pfewing its way down the dunes. As I said to Mike Crewe as he leaned over the hawkwatch platform to greet me, for a non-spectacular day it's pretty spectacular. I wound up with 70 species in an hour and a half at the park, without particularly trying.

 [I never stop marvelling at Yellow-rumped Warblers and how they can find food anywhere, in this case between the slats of the Cape May Point State Park boardwalk, a tiny spider.]

 [Close-up of the Yellow-rump above and its spider.]

 [The rising, loud seep of this White-crowned Sparrow's flight call made me stop, thought the bird was perched in a bush, not flying. Click to enlarge and note how its got a seed in its bill, with just the downy parachute hanging out.]

[Another bit of spice, and a year bird. White-winged Doves have been reported on and off all fall, as far north as Tom Reed's feeder on Reed's Beach Road, with this one visiting a feeder on Yale Avenue in Cape May Point this morning.]

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