Saturday, April 25, 2020

The Spring of Staying At Home: A Birder's Poem

The Spring of Staying At Home
A Birder’s Poem

People wear masks,
And Laughing Gulls laugh, (Donald Peter Freiday)
And the birds in the yard,
Make it not so hard. (Harvey Tomlinson Jr.)
We wait in lines so far apart,
Like swallows on a telephone wire, (Sarah Mccarty)
I’ll have more yard birds this year
Simply because I am here. (Stacie Cantu)
Sometimes feel I’ve been shackled,
Most definitely grackled! (Mary Watkins)
While birds go about their tasks,
Of building nests from feathers and chaff, (Tresa Jones)
While sandpipers pipe
Amd Wilson’s Snipe. (Dave Kiehl)
The cardinals continue to court and sing,
Not worried about safe distancing. (Betty Ashwood)
One can have fun in,
Consider a dunlin.
Please don’t come near here,
 Or you’ll watch me play killdeer! (TK Port Norris)
With few humans about,
More birds have come out. (Tammy Ehrhart)
No feathers are ruffled
By pishes so muffled (Kate Garchinsky)
Falcon talons dig deep,
The Rock Dove his treat. (Marc Breslow)
Like a verdin,
Touched for the very first time. (Chris Hajduk)
I wonder if the birds have noticed
We are gone. (Pete Dunne)
And you’ll finally know why
the Laughing Gulls are laughing. (Rich Kane via Brian Moscatello)


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