Thursday, February 13, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday: All Love Begins with a Question

[In honor of Valentine's Day, above and many below: the many forms and faces of love.] 

"We know nothing of love."

- Ricardo Semler

[If you don't know who Ricardo Semler is, it's worth your time to watch his TED Talk and/or this video.]

"All love begins with "Who the F*** is this?"

- Louis Sekay

[If you'd like full-sized versions, sans watermark, of any of these, give me a shout. And if you don't see yourself here, it's probably only because I haven't caught up with you. . . yet. But beware, I enjoy photographing people (way easier than birds) and the rules are, if you are an adult and in a place you might reasonably expect to be photographed, you're fair game.]

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