Thursday, January 23, 2020

Thoughtful Thursday: Of Dogs and Life Partners

Imagine the perfect life partner, and you imagine a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Brown or dark blonde with compelling eyes. Keeps fit. Loving, both obedient and independent, loyal to a fault, someone who never would hurt you on purpose and feels complete remorse if they hurt you by accident. Someone who would never undermine you, who becomes even more protective when there is more at stake. Someone to take care of, love, cook for, snuggle with in the evening, talk to in the morning. Someone who loves long walks on the beach. Someone who loves birds and hunting and fishing and water. Someone with a lot of energy who is also very chill. Someone who would never run away. Someone who is friends with your friends and enemies with your enemies, and better than you at knowing the difference. Someone of noble character. Someone who doesn't cost too much, but who is worth spending a lot on. Someone who likes to play. Someone with boundless enthusiasm for the good things in life. Someone smarter than you but who doesn't flaunt it. Someone who almost always wants to be with you, but respects your need for time alone. Someone relentlessly positive and happy. Someone who follows instincts, indeed, obeys them.

Chessies are always ready to go, even before you are.

If you spill something on the floor, not only will a Chessie not yell at you, they will clean it up.

Chessies are always glad to see you.

Chessies always want to get in bed with you.

Chessies don't hog the covers, in fact they don't even want any covers.

Chessies will bring you your slippers.

Chessies are faithful.

Chessies don't care if you forget their birthday.

Chessies are more than willing to go skinny-dipping with you.

A Chessie will talk to you even if you are not good-looking or rich.

For a Chessie, love is a lifetime commitment.

You don't need a separate budget just for a Chessie's clothes.

A Chessie will listen to you. They won't always obey, which is fine. But at least they will consider what you say.

Chessies don't like jewelry.

A Chessie will pay attention to your emotions.

You don't have to get Chessies flowers or gifts because they will just eat them.

Chocolate is actually bad for Chessies.

Chessies never want to go into the city.

Chessies don't care which towel you use.

Chessies don't care if you have a gut, it gives them a place to rest their head.

To a Chessie, naps are not only OK, they are necessary.

Chessies don't ask to have a cat, they chase them.

Chessies never complain that they are cold, because they are never cold.

Chessies can crack their own lobsters.

Chessies don't care if you live in a trailer.

Chessies not only will not hurt you, they will not let anyone else hurt you.

Chessies don't remember when you do something wrong even if it was five minutes ago.

Chessies deserve much but ask little.

He is gone from me now, and I shall never marry again.

- Don Freiday

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