Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Great News from Florida!

[Roseate Spoonbill in high breeding plumage at the Stick Marsh rookery south of Palm Bay, Florida, February 28, 2015. Click to enlarge.]

Birders have an obligation to be active conservationists. There, I said it. Are you? It can be as simple as how you vote, or as complicated as being an advocate.

On the advocate front, today I received this message from David Cox of Florida Conservancy regarding the rookery I wrote about previously:

"I just spoke with the St. Johns River Water Management District land manager for the Stick Marsh, and he was aware of the problem. Indeed, he had previously posted that channel as a boat exclusion area, but the signs vanished. 

"He said he would go out there and re-post both ends of the center channel, and place buoys there as well. He seemed very open and amenable to our concerns, and I plan to stay in touch with him about management issues at the site."

How awesome is that!

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