Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cedar waxwings, raptors, and the computer dies again

So only two weeks after my amazing son, Donald Joseph, and I completely disassembled my laptop, replaced the keyboard, souped it up a little, and got it back together, my pal Boone helped me out by knocking a full glass of orange juice onto it, taking it out once again.

As a consequence,I am really getting to know my phone, but I can't process photos on it, which is a real bummer, because I recently splurged on a new camera and lens after going over four years without buying literally any kind of durable goods. [That is what you do when you are a naturalist of few means, but want to eventually have the gear you need.] Info on the camera and lens will have to wait until we fix the computer again, but in the meantime I thought I would share these two photos. The first was taken using my iPhone 5 with a phone scope adapter on a Zeiss Diascope.

Readers should know, by the way, that I am an equal opportunity employer when it comes to optics. Don't have a lot of money, but what I have I use to get the best equipment to enjoy my time in the field. Thus, I use Zeiss binoculars and a Zeiss spotting scope because I think these are the current best in show, but I shoot Nikon cameras and lenses. My point and shoot camera is a Canon, And if tomorrow some manufacturer comes out with better binoculars, camera, point-and-shoot, or phone, I will save up until I can get the equipment I need.

[These Cedar waxwings were enjoying wild grapes on Friday.]

[This was some of the crew looking for and eventually finding both the Swainsons Hawk and a Golden Eagle, and enjoying an awesome buteo and eagle flight at the magnesite plant on Saturday, November 21, 2015 in Cape May.]

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