Sunday, August 24, 2014

A Walk Around the Meadows

[With almost more than a mouthful, this Caspian Tern captured a sunfish so large it had to fly to a safe place to perch on the ground, and struggled with it for over five minutes before downing it. South Cape May Meadows, NJ August 23, 2014. Click to enlarge photos.]

East winds Saturday night and morning made for not much in the migration department, but there were plenty of shorebirds and other things to look and wonder at in the South Cape May Meadows Saturday morning.  A Tricolored Heron was a highlighted, as were hunting terns and a mix of sandpipers including a few Pectorals and Solitaries.

[This American Oystercatcher is an adult because, among other reasons, it is molting its wing feathers in late summer.  Youngsters have new flight feathers that last until the following year.]

[American Copper, South Cape Meadows on Saturday.]

[This is the hind end of a rose mallow bee covered in pollen, which it is bringing to its nesting hole in the path at the South Cape May Meadows for its larvae to feed on when it hatches.  Each hole is occupied by a single bee, though the holes are often found in clusters. The link given is worth a read, they have a fascinating life history.]

[This jewelweed flower photo was supposed to have a hummingbird nectaring on it, but the hummer didn't cooperate.]

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