Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pictures on Furlough: Higbee and Stone Harbor

[Western Willet bathing hard, Stone Harbor, NJ October 4. Click to enlarge photos.]
I guess there are worst things than to be out of work during early October. Since I work for a federal agency, I am stuck at home watching the antics of congress. . . well, not exactly.  If they don't want me to work, well then I'll go play, with mornings at Higbee Beach WMA and afternoons kayaking the back bays, making pretty pictures and with time for naps, too!
My only complaint is the weather, with unseasonably mild temps and winds from the wrong direction to make for flights of passerines or hawks. Happily, the National Weather Service is considered an essential government service, so at least I can look at the forecast and see that relief and birds will be coming the middle of next week. Wednesday is my current pick for the next special day, and it looks like Thursday will be good, too. We'll see if the shutdown drags out just a bit longer, just through next week, please. . .then let us go back to doing the good work of and for the people.
[This 3rd cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull, right, was on the Stone Harbor Point Beach today.]
 [A few Semipalmated Plovers can still be found on beaches and mudflats, like these two at Stone Harbor Point today.]

 [Ruby-crowned Kinglets have "begun," signaling the advancing of the season and the diminishment of the longer-distance migrant passerines of August and September. Higbee Beach yesterday]

 [Another mainly October migrant: Blue-headed Vireo.]

 [Red-eyed Vireos are tapering off, but there were still quite a few at Higbee yesterday, and several have been visiting my bird bath this afternoon.]

 [Black-throated Green Warbler, Higbee Beach WMA yesterday.]

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