Friday, February 1, 2013

"Fri-D" - Sparrow Quiz Answers

Last week I posted the above picture and asked, which 5 species of sparrows can be found? The answers:

6 White-throated Sparrows (scattered throughout)
5 White-crowned Sparrows (the most obvious is the right most bird)
3 Song Sparrows (all hard to see, the easiest is just right of center, buried in the bush the way sparrows often are)
1 Fox Sparrow (obvious on right side, left of the obvious White-crowned Sparrow)
1 Savannah Sparrow (Flying in from left)

Not easy with the imperfect views - which is a good reminder to study birds from all angles, so even with poor looks you still have a shot at identifying them.

This shot was taken in a brushy field of the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, NJ, a little over a week ago.

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