Monday, October 1, 2012

Miss the Say's Phoebe? No worries: head to West Texas!

Well, I would have liked to have seen the Say's Phoebe Glen Davis found yesterday at Cape May Point State Park (it may still be there), but my philosophy on chasing birds out of range has always been, "Neat! But better still to see them in the environment where they belong." Which in the case of the Say's Phoebe, is the open spaces and deserts of the west, like for example Big Bend National Park, where this one was photographed.

Mark Garland and I will be leading a West Texas trip April 20-28, 2012, where we'll find Say's Phoebe and a whole lot more in Big Bend and the Davis Mountains. For details, check out or for complete info and an itinerary, you can email Mark  at (replace the AT with the @).

[Sunset in Say's Phoebe country: Big Bend National Park.]

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