Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hawks in Flight Second Edition: What Jeff Said

I got my review copy of the new Hawks in Flight (2nd edition) a few days ago, and discovered, like Jeff Bouton, that the text is not changed very much, at least on first inspection, and the original art is also not altered, though it is displayed differently, bigger and better. But with the addition of excellent photos with the species accounts, and of species not covered in the original classic, you're probably going to want it. Except maybe if, like me, you pretty much memorized the first edition. There are nits to pick, like range maps would have been nice even though they're available elsewhere; or that some information could have use some form of summary treatment, like a table (accipiter differences, for example); or that it would have been a great opportunity to include more photos with multiple species shown in the same photo (there are just a handful), perhaps adopting the quiz approach used in The Shorebird Guide. Read Jeff's review for more, then go buy your copy. Disclaimer: a few of my photos are in the new edition.

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