Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yellow Things, and It's On

[I bumped into migrant Prairie Warblers both Friday and today. This one was at Forsythe NWR, and is a good reminder to point binoculars first at the head of any unfamiliar warbler, spring or fall - in this case to see the diagnostic dark hooks under a Prairie's eyes. Notice also the long tail with a lot of white.]

Well, it's mid-August, a cold front's passed, the radar's lit up - honey, could we ask for more? No, not really. I only wish the winds would hold more out of the west than it looks like they're going to. Nonetheless, I'll go ahead and predict 1,000+ birds in morning flight at Higbee Beach WMA, NJ tomorrow, a lot of them American Redstarts.
[This tiny Little Yellow butterfly competed for a pea plant's nectar with an even tinier fly at Cape May Point State Park, NJ today.]
[The other end of the yellow size spectrum, butterfly wise, Cloudless Sulphurs have been increasing in recent days. This butterfly is a southern wanderer that often comes north in August in significant numbers, as was the case at Cape May Point State Park today.]

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