Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Watch for Color Banded Piping Plovers!

[This adult Piping Plover is a female from Stone Harbor that fledged one chick. She was photographed at Stone Harbor Point Monday night; her chick, also color-banded, has been re-sighted to the north in Avalon. The juvenile in the photo in the July 9 post (below), nicknamed "Meb," is a fledged chick from a nest in Avalon that until Sunday had not been seen at Stone Harbor Point.]

Researchers in the Avalon/Stone Harbor area are examining the movements of individual Piping Plovers, and welcome re-sightings. If you see a color-banded Piping Plover, note the color of the bands on both legs and please email: .

This work helps us understand where and when the plovers travel and will lead to more effective conservation in the face of development and other pressures.

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