Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[Almost] Wordless Wednesday Part 2: Lightning Beetles

The "pup," Daniel Boone, gets an assist on this post, since he diligently sat at my feet and snapped at the greenhead flies that, despite approaching night, persisted with the evening mosquitoes in gnawing on our legs as we watched the firefly drama emerge in the backyard. Fireflies are really beetles, there are many species, and the bioluminescence is sexy - if you are another firefly of the same species. (Boonie is 3 years old this week, 85 lbs. and counting. I added a few images to his slide show in the right column of this blog from a foray on the bay yesterday.)


  1. Nice captures Don. I was attempting the same shots last night in my backyard and came up with no keepers (actually no fireflies in the frames at all).

  2. Thanks, John! Lots of misses, and lots of luck to get what I got. I happened to be out there when there was enough light for the camera to focus, but little enough that the lightning beetles had begun flashing, seemed like a 10 minute window at most.