Saturday, October 29, 2011


"They're going to leave even if they shouldn't."

"It's snowing where they are!"

"thousands of robins were over the parkway at dark."

Talking about birds to the north, and wondering about Sunday, me and dear friends around an autumn weekend dinner table. I'll give it a 20% chance for a really remarkable day in Cape May tomorrow, and it's all about when the snow stops north of us. It's snowing up there now, in our sending zone, Sussex NJ and north. Will migrants lift into snow? And in 20ish mph NW winds? Yes to the latter, even though it will get them in trouble, which means blown offshore or at least to the coast, and hence to Cape May.

And La Puma and I are already salivating about owls on Monday, it could not be more perfect - snow on the ground to the north, and light north winds all night Sunday-Monday.

A Snow Bunting huddled along the Wildlife Drive at Forsythe NWR at noon, where the high tide covered the ENTIRE marsh in this northeaster.

Nothing to do but sleep and hope ....

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