Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hurry Up, Front

Holiday weekend ahead, and of course it looks like the next major migration event will not be until Tuesday, when us working stiffs are back at it. . . aaargh. An approaching high and its leading cold front will be near, but not past, Cape May on Monday. Time to think of a way to scam Tuesday off, or move that front along just a shade, 12 hours earlier will be about right, that would have it crossing Cape May by midnight Sunday night. I do find that NOAA's frontal forecasts tend to predict fronts moving slower than they wind up doing in the end, here's hoping. Regardless, three days of naturalizing, birding, photographing, and dog training ahead. And maybe fishing, I was reminded by a friend that Summer Flounder season extends into September this year.

Turns out the Sooty Terns from PA last weekend would be the first documented for Buck's County, PA, a small consolation for missing the great stuff in Cape May during the hurricane. Gossip has it the large swift seen here was probably a Black Swift, and tonight Kevin Karlson radiated like a revival preacher as he described the two White-tailed Tropicbirds to me as "pure white, like angels." Let's give that another aargh.

It should be mentioned that the bird pictured in the previous post, below, was "designed" by my good friend Roger Horn on an interpretive device at Merrill Creek Reservoir. A woodpecker sparrowduck, I believe.

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