Friday, August 26, 2011

Refugees Part I

They're not exactly tropical terns, but four species of woodpecker ain't bad, especially since one is a Pileated, and us refugees are enjoying them over Humbolt Fog cheese and Pinot Noir...Boonie and I fled the Cape May madness (no more gas on the barrier islands, parkway's closing, and oh yeah, there's this hurricane..)

Some friends have stayed in CM, and I may wind up wishing I had, but Boonie thinks life's pretty good up here in Buck's County with Kathy and Roger, swimming in Lake Nockamixon and waiting for the wind and rain to come. I still haven't sorted out the chickadees here, which leads me to think they haven't sorted it out themselves. Ragged bibs, neat bibs, white hind cheeks, grayer hind cheeks... But they're small with fast calls... Oops, we've got a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak flycatching (!) overhead, haven't seen one of them in a while. Young BT Green, some kind of hatch going on, like it says on the boarded up Cape May Cheese Shop, we'll Brie right back!

Later: well, that was cool, we just had a dinnertime feeding flock here in the hills above the Delaware River. Headed for Cape May? About 10 warbler species, including a female Blackburnian, that's a good color to learn, the color of her throat.

Right, refugees signing off for now.

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